Saturday, September 27, 2014

Southwick Family Photo Shoot


As part of the Southwick Family reunion Leah Southwick took these gems at Cape Disappointment State Park in Long Beach, WA. We took a nice hike up to the lighthouse together on a beautiful sunny day and found some views of the ocean, lighthouse and forest.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island -- a walk down memory lane for Taylor and a new adventure for the rest of us.  We visited Fort Casey, an old naval base that he used to visit with his family, the Dugualla Bay Farm where Taylor worked picking berries as a kid and Fidalgo Elementary school, the school he attended as a kid and still talks about to this day.

Oh! I just love those girls!

Nelli's attempt to take a photo of us.

The waterfront at Fort Casey State Park.

Tay and Nelli carrying their canoe back to where Vi and I were playing with rocks.

ice cream at Dugualla Bay Farms.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Dance Recital

 Nelli tried a spring tap/ballet dance class at the Lake Wilderness Lodge and had a great time. We were glad that we had family come support her at the recital. Grandpa and Grandma Southwick, Siri and Chris, Grandma Bonnie, Deb, Ali, Tyler, Thayne and Lydia all came. She did great! She did get a bit distracted with the speaker blasting right next to her.



Thursday, May 8, 2014

Victoria, BC

Taylor planned an impressive trip to Victoria as a get-away for our little family. We stayed at a cute little hotel near a small seaport and had a great time at the Bug Zoo, Butterfly Gardens, and Shaw Aquarium. We also took a leisurely bike ride on a trail in Sidney.

We started our trip by driving to small town Point Roberts to check it out and find a little lunch. Then we caught a ferry from Vancouver BC to Sidney.

Ferry ride from Vancouver, BC to Sydney, BC
Butterfly Gardens:

The Bug Zoo:

This is an amazing leaf ant farm. We all loved learning about their organized social network with soldiers, workers, garbage cans and graveyards.

Nelli and I held bugs... so crazy! Vi kept making funny faces that day. I think she liked the bugs :)
The Shaw Aquarium:

Other pictures from Vancouver Island:

The Parliament building in Victoria

There are a lot of totem poles in this First Nation history rich island

A really yummy hot dog restaurant that had amazing root beer!

The port near our hotel in Victoria

Sydney, just outside the Shaw Aquarium

Vi's dinner on the go.
A view from Vancouver Island

On the way home we took a ferry from Sydney to Anacortes,WA, Taylor's home town. Then went on a bike ride on the Washington Park trail (the trail Taylor put markers on for his eagle project more than ten years ago). It was a beautiful ride and some of the markers were still along the trail. Also, we got our first flat tire on the bike trailer during the ride. Thankfully Tay had his CO2 cartage handy.
Had to get a pic by "the tree" so it can continue in Southwick history.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sequim and the Olympic Game Farm

So fun! We had a blast at the farm then going for a bike ride with the Cheneys. And yes, the grizzly bears waved to us.